At IMC, we believe in partnership. Luck notwithstanding, we believe our success over the past five decades has been almost entirely attributable to working in partnership with good and talented people towards worthwhile goals. In our experience, partnership with others has proven to be the best and most enjoyable means for achieving positive outcomes for customers, employees and owners.

Our partnerships with management are based on the following:

  • Long-term focus and commitment by both IMC and our partners
  • Clarity and an alignment of the interests of IMC and our partners
  • A passion for growth and development
  • Operational autonomy for the management team
  • Respect for each other's investments in, commitments to, and goals for the partnership

Partner With IMC

We are interested in acquiring businesses to join IMC's family of companies.

We evaluate each potential acquisition within a fairly simple framework. We seek to acquire majority ownership positions in good businesses – businesses that provide a lasting benefit to society, growth for their employees and strong financial returns. We do not intend to sell the businesses that we own. IMC expects to earn above average returns on its capital invested in its businesses, and values companies on their ability to generate long-term cash flow rather than on resale value.

Companies with the following characteristics are most likely to find IMC to be an attractive partner:


Management teams with a strong desire to continue running and building their businesses will find us to be a good partner. We expect management to have a long-term commitment to the business and to own a significant interest in the business along with us.


We focus primarily on opportunities within Restaurants, Franchising, Business Services, and Property & Casualty Insurance while remaining open to additional industries.



Businesses that are or aspire to be national leaders in their markets will find IMC to be a strong supporter. We are not concerned about where the company is headquartered within the U.S.


Companies with proven concepts, depth in the management team, and earnings of approximately $3 million to $20 million would benefit most from having IMC as a partner.

If you think that IMC could be a good partner for you and your business-whether in the near future or even several years from now-we encourage you to contact us.