We're in the business of good business

At IMC, we believe in good business.

We are long-term owners of businesses that provide a lasting benefit to society, opportunity and growth for their employees, and positive financial outcomes for everybody involved. We know that we all benefit from what each of us provides to this equation.

We take our ownership responsibility seriously. We want our partners to look at us like we look at them–as people committed to doing business the right way. So, we create and perpetuate a stable and supportive environment—one of honesty with clear expectations and open communication—that allows great leaders to achieve our shared goals and promote the long-term growth and success of their businesses and people. We encourage leaders to take risks, and we tolerate mistakes.

We look at investment opportunities a bit differently. Analyzing the financial equation is the simple part. We go further by investing in people and what their businesses bring to the world, since that is where the greatest opportunities reside. It is our goal to share in these opportunities and resulting benefits together.

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Our History

In 1971, James Maynard and Bill Carl raised $50,000 from a collection of friends, family and local businessmen, in turn forming IMC. Their modest goal was to open a family-oriented restaurant.

James and Bill opened the first restaurant in 1973 with a simple mission—to provide customers with quality food and good service for a reasonable price, while providing their employees with an opportunity to feel good about what they do and grow in their career. Despite their inexperience, James and Bill learned how to succeed in the restaurant business, and their one location enterprise has grown into what is now Golden Corral, the leading family dining restaurant concept in America.

From humble beginnings, IMC has evolved to focusing on its current purpose—to be a responsible owner of good businesses. IMC now owns a family of diverse businesses, and its growth has been funded by that of its underlying companies—the original $50,000 James and Bill raised remains the only equity ever invested in IMC. In 2016, Quinton Maynard succeeded his father as Chairman and CEO with a commitment to continue to do things the right way and create an environment that allows inspired leaders to achieve their business goals and promote the long-term success of their people.

We believe there will always be a need for a company such as IMC with an enduring commitment to good ownership values. IMC will be here.

At IMC, we know our conduct and reputation will always matter to the owners who consider selling IMC their businesses, to the leaders who consider becoming IMC's partners, and to the firms that consider lending IMC their capital. We take great pride in the long tenure and loyal service of many employees at IMC and its companies, and know that our reputation as an owner makes a difference to them too. Because IMC is a private company, we have no short term mandates or constraints. We make decisions on the basis of their long-term implications for IMC and its companies. We maintain strong financial liquidity at IMC, ensuring that we can honor our commitment to being a good long-term owner to our companies.

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